Monday, July 18, 2011

Remembering Ft. Wagner on This Day

54th Massachusetts Colored at Ft. Wagner
Image: Library of Congress

Today is a special day. It is the anniversary of the assault on Ft. Wagner. Much has been written on the Assault of Ft. Wagner and the valor shown by the men of the 54th US Colored, on this day. For many years the mass grave of the soldiers were ignored. Today they are thankfully remembered for the brave men that  they were. These men who served in the regular US Army have a history as noble as that of the 178,000 men of the US Colored Troops, who served as volunteers in the Civil War.  
Today is also special for another reason as well---the official ribbon cutting of the African American Civil War Museum and Memorial took place as well. How fitting that the new home of this Civil War museum would officially open to the public on the anniversary of Ft. Wagner.

The historic significance of this day cannot be ignored.  For the men of the 54th, it was their "Baptism of Glory".  Though a day after the western victory at Honey Springs, I honor the men of the 54th for their courage and conviction to Freedom!!

This video posted by a Civil War enthusiast called 55th Massachusetts, tells the story eloquently of the 54th Massachusetts and their bravery.

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