Friday, July 19, 2013

Remembering The Battle of Honey Springs on the 150th Anniversary

 Centennial Stories from the Oklahoma Historical Society

A forgotten story comes from a small settlement near Checotah Oklahoma. In the town of what is now Rentiesville Oklahoma, on the Texas Road a major battle occurred 150 years ago, this week. The Battle of Honey Springs.

The battle of Honey Springs, involved men from multiple communities, and this battle involved whites, blacks and Indians as well. Many of the black soldiers came from Indian Territory and their story was a special one indeed, as well. Many fled into Kansas and enlisted when opportunity came. Many of the Black soldiers came from Indian Territory having been enslaved by the Five tribes that had brought slaves with them to the west. And this battle was significant as those once enslaved in lands outside of the  United States, were fighting for their Freedom as well.

Many of the black soldiers served in the 1st and 2nd Kansas Colored. These two regiments were later re-designated as the 79th and 83rd US Colored Infantries. They were freedom fighters like their brethren in the United States states, and their story should be told and should be remembered.