Thursday, May 19, 2011

Alabama Battlegrounds of US Colored Troops

   On January 17th,  I listed Arkansas sites where men fought, resisted slavery and died.  I have become interested also on the legacy of the US Colored Troops in other states.  In this blog post, I wish to acknowledge the battles fought in the state of Alabama.

One of the larger battles sites, I learned was fought at Ft. Blakely Alabama, and nine black regiments fought at that battle, between March 31st to April 9th, 1865. This was the towards the very end of the war, and for the men in these regiments----their goal was critical. They had freedom to gain! The battle of Ft. Blakely was also captured by Civil War illustrators.

Ft. Blakely

"Storming of Fort Blakely"

From Harper's Weekly, May 27, 1865

This Library of Congress map of the Ft. Blakely battle, also shows where many of the soldiers from the US Colored Troops were positioned.

Ft. Gaines
Ft. Gaines would be another site that would involve black soldiers.  The events in Ft. Gaines were part of the effort to control Mobile Bay.

This unusual image from Harper's Weekly, (1862) reflects Mobile Bay and the inclusion of cotton pickers watched closely by overseers, reflects the intention of preserving life as it was, in Alabama, at the time. 

Madison Station

Madison Station involved the 101st US Colored Infantry

Sulphur Branch Trestle

Soldiers of the 111th US Colored Infantry were captured at Sulphur Trestle in 1864.

Battles Fought in Alabama Involving US Colored Troops

Boyd's Station, Alabama  March 18, 1865, 101st US Colored Infantry
Decatur Alabama  October 29-29th 1864  14th US Colored Infantry
Decatur Alabama  December 27-28th 1864  17th US Colored Infantry
Ft. Blakely Ala.  Mar. 31-Apr 9th, 1865  47th, 48th, 50th, 51st, 68th, 73rd, 76th, 82nd, 86th  US Colored Infantries
Ft. Gaines Alabama  August 2-8th 1864, 96th US Colored Infantry
Madison Station, Alabama  November 26th 1864  101st US Colored Infantry
Mud Creek, Alabama  January 5, 18th 1865,  106th US Colored Infantry
Pine Barren Creek Alabama  December 17-19th 1864  82nd US Colored Infantry
Scottsboro, Alabama January 8, 1865  101st US Colored Infantry
Spanish Fort, Alabama  March 27-April 8, 1865 68th US Colored Infantry
Sulphur Branch Trestle, Alabama   September 25, 1864, 111th US Colored Infantries.

May those who study Alabama Civil War history, include the stories of the US Colored Troops that fought and died upon Alabama soil.


  1. In Dec 1863 the 14th through 17th Regiments of the U.S. Colored Infantry (USCI) were scheduled to come to Nashville TN to recruit and organize enlistees. However, my great great grandfather, Alexander Miller, could not/did not wait, and, instead, he went to Stevenson AL in November 1863 and was enlisted as a Corporal in Company A of the 17th USCI. On Dec 15-16 the 14th thru 17th USCI, as well as the 18th USCI (organized in Missouri), defeated Gen. John Bell Hood (C.S.A.) at the Battle Of Nashville. Between Dec 17-27, 1863 the 14th, 16th, 17th and 18th USCI Regiments fought and chased Gen. Hood's Army across the Tennessee River into Decatur AL. On Dec 28th the 14th, 16th and 18th Regiments of the USCI continued to fight and chase Gen. Hood's Army. On Dec 29-30 the 18th Regiment of the USCI continued to fight and chase Gen. Hood's Army. My great great grandfather is listed upon the Union Army Pension Rolls for Civil War service with the United States Colored Troops (USCT).


    1. Michael,
      Just came across your comment in a USCT blog. I am with a group working on a video documentary about the battle of Nashville. If you can and would, please contact me; we are looking for personal stories of USCT soldiers in that battle.
      David Van Hooser
      The Renaissance Center