Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November Reflections of US Colored Troops

A Montage November Engagements of US Colored Troops

I am continually amazed at how much the US Colored Troops were engaged in battle during each month after they were mustered into service.

As November comes to a close, I was looking over a list of military engagements that involved black soldiers and the geographic as well as military diversity was interesting to note and I decided to share my observations on this blog.

The Bureau of US Colored Troop was organized in 1863 and the recruitment of black men into the Union Army was rapid. The month of November was a busy month in both 1863 and still in 1864 as well.  However, as early as November of 1862, the organization of black Union regiments had begun.

Black Union Army Regiments organized in the month of November 
-Battery C -  Louisiana  (November 6, 1863)
-Battery F - Tennessee (November 23, 1863)
-6th US Colored Cavaly - Kentucky (November 1, 1864)
-9th US Colored Infantry - Maryland (November 11, 1863)
-10thUS Colored Heavy Artillery -  Louisiana (Novermber 29, 1862)
-10th US Colored Infantry - Virginia (November, 18, 1863)
-13th US Colored Infantry - Tennessee (November 19, 1863)
-14th US Colored Infantry - Tennessee (November 16, 1863)
-23rd US Colored Infantry - Virginia (November 23, 1863)
-75th US Colored Infantry -  Louisiana (November 24, 1863)
-87th US Colored Infantry - Louisiana (November 26, 1863)
-93rd US Colored Infantry - Louisiana (November 23, 1863)
-110th US Colored Infantry - Alabama (November 20th, 1863)
-120th US Colored Infantry - Kentucky (November 1864)

The month of November would also prove to be a month in which many black soldiers were to become engaged in battles and skirmishes. Some were small skirmishes involving as few as one company and otheres were  much larger such as Honey Hill and Bermuda Hundred that would involve hundreds of soldiers. But from the Gulf of Mexico, to Virginia, the battle for freedom continued.

Battles Involving USCTs in November
November  1, 1864  - Black River Louisiana,  6th USC Heavy Artillery
November  4, 1864 - Chapin's Farm, Virginia, 22nd USC Infantry
November  9, 1864 - Bayou Tunica Louisiana,  73rd US Infantry
November 11, 1864 - Natchez Mississippi, 58th USC Infantry
November 14, 1864 - Cow Creek, Cherkoee Nation, 54th USC Infantry
November 17, 1864 - Bayou St. Louis, Mississippi, 91st USC Infantry
November 17, 1864 - Dutch Gap, Virginia, 36th USC  Infantry
November 19, 1864 -  Ash Bayou, Louisiana, 93rd USC Infantry
November 19, 1864 - Timber Hill, Cherokee Nation, 79th USC Infantry (New)
November 22, 1864 - Rolling Ford, Mississippi,  3rd US Cavalry
November 23, 1864 - Morganza Louisiana,  84th USC Infantry
November 24, 1864 - Hall Island South Carolina  33rd USC Infantry
November 26, 1864 - Plymouth NC, 10th USC Infantry
November 26, 1864 - Madison Sta. Alabama 101st USC Infantry
November 30, 1864 - Bermuda Hundred, Virginia  19th USC Infantry
November 30, 1864 - Honey Hill, South Carolina  32nd, 35th, 54th & 55th USC Infantries


"Once let the black man get upon his person the brass letters US, let him get an eagle on his button, and a musket on his shoulder, and bullets in his pocket, and there is no power on earth or under the earth which can deny that he has earned the right of citizenship in the United States."         
 ~Frederick Douglass  1863~

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