Monday, November 4, 2013

Bounty Records of US Colored Troops, in Arkansas Freedman's Bureau Records T - Y

Ledger from Little Rock, Arkansas Field Office
Bounty Register
Roll of Claimants 1868 - 1871

This is the fifth of five articles in which Bounty Records of US Colored Troops are being shared. As stated earlier, these records represent previously unseen bounty payments of US Colored Troops, that were made in Arkansas, including notation of the payments remitted to the soldiers. In some cases one will see the names of women. There women were often the surviving widows of the soldier who was now deceased. In a few cases where there was no spouse, one might be another family member such as a sibling or child. This information was extracted from the Little Rock, Arkansas Field Office.

These represent the surnames beginning with the letters T though Y. (Note there were no surnames beginning with the letter Z.)

The source of all images is from the Internet Archive.

Taylor, Edmund - Thomas, Austin

Thomas, Robert  -  Trottey, Wm.

Upshur, James

Van Buren, Green -  Vaughn, Alex

Willis, Gabriel - Williams, Joe

Waters, Burrell  -  Waters, Moses

Waters, Arthur  -  Williamson, Andrew (Brother of Roger Bernard)

Williamson, Andrew  -  Washington, George

Williams, Mary, Mother of W. Nevils

Yeizer, Sam'l  -  Young, James.

This is the end of the names found on the ledger reflecting Bounty payments made to US Colored Troops in Arkansas. The payments were made to soldiers or their surviving families as late as 1870, and it is hoped that this will shed more light of data pertaining to the history of soldiers who were either from Arkansas, or who relocated to Arkansas after the Civil War.

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