Monday, September 30, 2013

Bounty Records of US Colored Troops, in Arkansas Freedman's Bureau Records E - I

This is a continuation of the names of Black Union soldiers who received bounty payments in Arkansas. The previous article contained surnames A through D. This article will contain surnames E though I. The records were found in Record Group 105 which reflect the many pages of records of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands. The Field Office from which these records were found were the Little Rock Arkansas Field Office. 

One observation that I made was that the soldiers were from regiments were from multiple states, including Arkansas USCT regiments. I had expected that they might have all been in the same unit, but in this case that was not the situation. It is not clear if Arkansas is where the men happened to have settled, after the war, and thus they applied through the Field office, or what their circumstances might have been.

I also noticed that some of the men received bounty payments as late as 1869. Nevertheless, the list continues and for all interested in documents from post Civil War Arkansas, this ledger is worth researching.

Note that the source of all Images come from the Internet Archive.

Elliott, Abraham - Emerson, Phillip

Ford, Hurd -  Farmer, Sam'l

Frazier, Robt - Foster, Peter

Gaines, George  -   Gordia, George
Garnett, Randolph -  Guy, Bristow

Gordan, James (Brother to Lewis Green) - Goodwin, Calvin

Hollus, George - Hayes, Punch

Harding, Zacahariah  -  Haley, Ned

Harris, George  -   Haney, Mary (sister of Giles Hainey)

Hardwick, Anson  -  Hampton, Rachel (widow of Wade Hampton)

Isom & Fanni (Parties of Squire Waters)  -  Ingraham, Charles

To Be Continued

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