Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bounty Records of US Colored Troops, in Arkansas Freedman's Bureau Records J - O

Cover of page preceding names of soldiers receiving bounty payment

This represents the third in a series of articles found in the Freedman's Bureau offices from the Little Rock Field Office. The names on these pages represent the names of Black Union Soldiers who received Bounty payments. The first article contained surnames beginning with letters A through D. The second article in this series, contained surnames beginning with letters E through I. This article represents surnames J through O. All of the records were found in Record Group 105 and were found from a digitized resource on the Internet Archive, website.

Johnson, Martin - Johnson, Neeley
Record Group 105 Arkansas USCT Bounty Records
Source of Images: Internet Archive

Jackson, Andrew F.  -  Jordan, Pleasant

King, William - Kyer, Frances, Mother of Moses Arbuckle

Lawson, Moses - Lewis, Ephraim

Level, Malinda (Widow of Albert Level) -  Jerome Lewis's grandchildren

Long, Albert - LeFleur, Henry

Marks, Isom  -  Marion, Wm.

Monroe, James  -   Moore, Thornton

McLoure, George - Mills, Jack

McNeal, Dennis - Miller, Calvin

Noal, Thomas - Noal, Claiborne

Long, Albert, -  LeFleur, Henry

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