Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bounty Records of US Colored Troops, in Arkansas Freedman's Bureau Records P - S

This is the fourth in a series of articles found in the Arkansas Freedman's Bureau offices from the Little Rock Field Office. Previous articles posted in the series have reflected the rare and previously unseen Bounty records of US Colored Troops, and the payments that they received.  I have been amazed to see the variety of regiments from which the soldiers came as many never mustered into Arkansas based regiments. The first article represented surnames beginning with letter A through D. The second article in the series represented surnames beginning with E through I. The third article represented J through O, and this piece represents surnames beginning with P through S.

Note that for those soldiers who were deceased, the next of kin often received the bounty payment.

The source for all images came from Internet Archive.

Polk, Burl - Pearcy, James

Peoples, Green - Parker, Thomas

Qualls, Jackson

Reed, Jackson - Rixley, Alfred

Randall, Chas.,  -  Rodgers, Richard

Rector, Sarah, Widow, - Rogers Johnson

Smiley, Calvin  -  Sweeney, Adam

Stanley, Isaac  -  Smith, Freeman

Squire, Joseph  -   Sandy, Willis

Sewell Ann (Widow) -  Stinson, Adaline (Sister)


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